Call : (08) 9385 0424
Call : (08) 9385 0424

Reformer Pilates and Mat Pilates Courses

Aspire Physiotherapy Claremont provide Pilates training to improve the way you move – improving overall flexibility, strength and stability. Pilates is a great exercise tool to assist with eliminating pain, improving overall movement patterns, help you optimise muscular recruitment, and finally improve mobility and stability at the correct levels of your spine.

Aspire Physiotherapy Claremont provides one-on-one reformer Pilates primarily focusing on rehabilitative corrective exercises. Aiming to engage the correct muscles to stabilise your spine and strengthen throughout your body. A thorough assessment of any previous medical history/injuries will be identified prior and will look how well you move.  Private health rebates apply to only the reformer one-on-one classes.

Aspire Physiotherapy Claremont also offers the opportunity to participate in Mat Pilates Courses. They run usually over a six to eight week course. These classes are for all levels of experience as our instructors identify any precautions, existing injuries or previous medical history that can influence prescription of certain exercises. Mat Pilates allows you to focus on correct engagement of muscles, correct alignment and correct breathing throughout functional movement. Mat Pilates makes you walk away feeling strong, empowered and more aware of your own ability to move.

Aspire Physiotherapy Claremont Pilates is effective for:

  • eliminating pain
  • pre-post operative rehabilitation
  • osteoporosis/osteopenia
  • improving functional strength and flexibility
  • pre, antenatal, post natal conditioning
  • muscle toning and stability
  • injury prevention

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