Recovery from a fracture?

Fractures are broken bones and the severity and location depends on how significant the force was to break the bone. A fracture can occur from a traumatic incident on a sporting ground, motor vehicle accidents, falls, and repetitive stress.

At Aspire Physiotherapy Claremont some patients arrive after a traumatic sporting incident or an event that caused swelling, bruising over a bone. On some occasions, there can be a deformity of the bone. A significant amount of pain and inability to the use the limb or weight bear are common red flags! Trauma can also occur in other regions such as ribs or spinal fractures. Further damage and symptoms can occur if the fracture is unstable therefore it is advised to seek medical attention immediately. In the immediate acute stage – fracture detection is crucial!

It is quite common that if a fracture is suspected, immediate action is to attend the emergency department to be cleared by a doctor or orthopaedic consultant. Otherwise attending a general practitioner or physiotherapist. If a fracture is suspected a referral for imaging (such as an X-ray, MRI, CT scans) is required to insure correct alignment of the bones and provide management.

It is critical to follow up with a physiotherapist to optimise healing and facilitate normal function.