We are a chronic disease Physio Claremont with treatment strategies for both physiotherapy and exercise physiology which are evidence based. Keeping fit for life has always been something we pride ourselves on and keeping our treatment and management active. Physical activity and exercise are both an integral part of management both primary and secondary prevention for chronic disease.

Aspire Physio Claremont provides services to the Perth community:

  • Diabetes Types 2

  • Obesity

  • Cardiovascular Disease

  • Osteoporosis

Here at Aspire Physio Claremont services are available to patients who are at high risk of developing or who are currently with chronic disease. This extends to patients who are risk of injury who have the ability to improve their overall physical function or requiring specific lifestyle modifications.

List of services we provide here at Aspire Physio Claremont:

  • Assessment of baseline fitness and functional movement

  • Individualised safe exercises rehabilitation programs to enhance overall fitness, health and well being

  • Exercise prescription to patient with chronic disease, pre-post-surgical intervention to restore function and overall well-being.