Workers compensation system require that you have a referral from your GP or specialist in order for your physiotherapy or exercise physiology treatment to be covered.  A legitimate injury must of occurred at work, with no previous history injury.

Once you have a valid GP referral for physiotherapy and/or exercise physiology services and have lodged your work injury you will receive a claim number.


You are entitled to make a claim if you sustain an injury in the course of your employment and are defined by law as a worker. The legal definition of a worker includes full-time, part-time, casual, seasonal, piece and commission workers. Working directors, contractors and sub-contractors may also be defined as workers depending on their working arrangements.

Know and understand your rights and responsibilities:

  •  have the right to choose your own treating doctor and workplace rehabilitation provider

  • have the right to claim lost wages from other jobs if you have another job/s your injury prevents you doing

  • have the responsibility to attend certain medical appointments at the request of your employer

  • have the responsibility to fully participate in your return to work program once developed

Your employer:
  •  has the right to request a medical review via their insurer before or after a claim has been accepted

  • has the right to discuss your return to work with the treating doctor

  • has the responsibility to have an injury management system in place and implement a return to work program when a doctor declares you fit for work in any capacity

  • has the responsibility to keep your original position available for 12 months following a claim

  • you have the responsibility to work with your treating doctor in developing an appropriate return to work program.

Workers compensation