Neck and Lower back pain are one of the most common complaints seen here at Aspire Physiotherapy Claremont. Neck pain and lower back can be very painful and restrictive. The nature of dysfunction and source of symptoms can vary for each patient. Some examples for neck and lower back pain are joint stiffness, muscular tightness, poor postural positions, compensatory movement patterns which can result in muscle spasm, headaches and sometimes nerve pain. Referral pain is pain at a site that is usually lower than the origin of the painful stimulus. For example; a patient might be suffering from pain in their neck and the referral pain is reported down the arm on the same side. A patient might be suffering from lower back pain and referral pain is reported down the leg. This is due to inflammation, possible compression of the sensory nerves and due to pain limitations. If you’re suffering from any acute neck and lower back pain with possible acute nerve pain early physiotherapy is often required. Aspire Physiotherapy Claremont can accurately assess why these symptoms are presenting and how to best manage these symptoms.

A list below of some presentations patient’s present with at Aspire Physiotherapy Claremont, in Perth:

  • Acute wry neck

  • Muscular strains

  • Disc injuries, facet joint sprains

  • Non-specific low back pain

  • Chronic low back pain

  • Lower back radiculopathies

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neck & lower back pain